Darryl Bates 

Darryl Bates is now offering consulting, seminars and will soon have a full online training curriculum available in the Fall of 2019.

  Darryl Bates owner and lead Artisan of Excalibur, grew up in the Midwest a country boy and farmer along with his parents and five siblings on a family farm. Hard work and team effort was the norm, and being artistic was in the family genes. His father was a great mason, having learned the skill from his father, and taught it to his four sons as well. Metal crafting and repair also came naturally as being on a family farm required this knowledge daily.


  Darryl started his first business in the mid-1990s called Excel and grew a three-state maintenance business that specialized in large floors and manufacturing plant maintenance. From that model, floors became a more significant part of his business, and eventually, concrete polishing and coatings came into play. It wasn't long before it became apparent that this business needed a life of its own, and soon enough Excalibur was born. 

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